Presentation Types

We communicate science to a wide range of audiences. As a result, we offer multiple different presentation formats that vary in content and style to connect best with each particular venue. Our two current talk series are listed with descriptions below.


Science in the News

In our Science in the News series, we present complex and exciting science topics to the general public at local libraries in and around New Haven (and beyond!), both virtually and in person. Recent topics have ranged from the human microbiome to the evolution of dinosaurs. With these talks, we want to provide people with a better understanding of the science underpinning many of the complex issues we hear about in the news every day. Each Science in the News talk lasts 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of questions. Check out our YouTube channel to see some of our past talks!

You can learn more about our Science in the News series from the speakers themselves. Three speakers from this past season share their experiences in this video:


Science at Brewery

In our Science @ Brewery series, we host fun, casual discussions at local bars with Yale researchers. We aim to present science in a relatable way and focus on topics that audience members will encounter in their day to day lives. Recent topics include the Science of Death and the Science of Beer. Each Science @ Brewery talk lasts 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of questions. Come for the drinks - stay for the science … and the bingo prizes!