Organization History

In 2010, a group of Yale graduate students wanted a way to communicate and explain the science that people were seeing in the media. They started Science in the News to give graduate students and postdoctoral scholars a way to communicate science in a fun and understandable way to the local New Haven community. Science in the News started at libraries in and near New Haven. Over time, the program expanded to include more venues at libraries, community centers, and senior centers. 

          Science @ Brewery was founded in 2016 with the fitting inaugural topic: the Science of Beer. Since its founding, Scince @ Brewery has been a fun, casual event for anyone to come and learn about a topic applicable to everyday life, from the science of dogs to the science of death. Science @ Brewery events have been held in New Haven at BAR, East Rock Brewing Company, and Gryphon’s Pub. We have also hosted events at Two Roads Brewing Company’s Area Two in Stratford. 

          Science in the News and Science @ Brewery were originally separate branches of a larger parent organization, Yale Science Diplomats (YSD). At the time, YSD was a community for all kinds of science outreach organizations, from science communication for adults, to science policy training, to engaging middle schoolers in science fairs. In May 2020, the leaders of YSD—Elizabeth Nand, Emma Carly, Richard Crouse, and Taryn Olivas, decided that each branch of YSD—could better fulfill their missions if the organizations were split. Thus, Yale Science Communication (YSC), the new home for Science in the News and Science @ Brewery, was born. Since becoming our own organization, we have expanded our venues even further. We now reach libraries outside of Connecticut, and we are engaging with Yale staff, New Haven correctional facilities, and bars and breweries across Connecticut. We are excited to see what the future holds!