Species Spotlight: From Deep Freeze to Shining Seas

A flyer advertising species spotlight talks includes images of mammoths, squids, and whales
January 28, 2023

Our February speakers are gearing up to present at four venues this month! In this talk, three Yale PhD science students each spotlight an animal that intrigues and inspires them.

Tune in to learn more about fascinating species from Earth’s past and present. Check out the description below, or view our calendar for more details. 


Talk Description:

Aristotle once said: “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous”. Since the dawn of humankind, we have coexisted with an endlessly diverse array of animal species that have never ceased to fascinate, perplex, and inspire scientists. In their Species Spotlight talk series, Yale PhD students Isabel Medlock, Anjana Rajkumar Kammath, and Tayah Turocy will take audience members on a journey to explore three creatures who are the best at what they do, highlighting unique past and present species from deep freeze to shining seas. Join us next month to learn about some of the lessons they’ve taught us about the beauty of the natural world!


Talk Preview: